Key Contacts:
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Emilian Podaru, MRICS

Head of Research
021 232 45 40

In-depth Analysis

Crosspoint Research provides in-depth analysis to local and multinational / institutional clients, linking financial advisory to sheer real estate data and sales advisory, as well as the consumption/ absorption patterns on the selected sectors of interest.

Our team corroborates statistical data with market intelligence gathered from our field divisions to provide valuable insights into the real estate trends, for the use of investors and developers.

We elaborate custom research on particular sectors and geographic areas, as well as broader market studies on topics impacting the real estate business.

Our reports cover but not resume to:
  • Existing stock and vacancy analysis
  • Take-up
  • Demand trends
  • Rental and capital values
  • Lease and transaction activity
  • Competition
  • Pipeline
Our custom market Research & Advisory services include: 
  • Sales and marketing policies
  • Potential target market
  • Absorption patterns in sectors subject to analysis
  • Target market – consumption behavior and contemporary trends
  • Project development advisory
  • Project layout
  • Pricing
  • Market positioning
  • Do`s & don`ts
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