Our colleague, Cătălin Gavrilă, was listed in one of the most important media materials, dedicated to young people managers, issued by Business Magazin. You can read the full article below.


Age: 29

Role: Associate Director, Land Development

Company: Crosspoint Real Estate

Transactions value managed in 2020: over 50 mil. Eur

Turnover (2019): 2.65 mil. Eur

Number of department colleagues: 3

Expertise: He debuted in energy trading industry and started in real estate when he was 21 years old, as junior residential consultant. He also covered as office consultant and very fast he already he turned to land development and investments.

The ideal job is… Lead Anchor Top Gear. From my point of view, this kind of job gives you the opportunity to travel the world and also to test all the cars in the world. And the biggest thing is that you are loved for doing this. What can be better than this?

I fell inspired… by people, for sure. Everyday.

I prefer to work… in 30 minutes focus time and with a lot of people.

In my career, the hardest thing… is to work with people with I can’t set a natural chemistry.

My biggest goal in my role… is to maintain our leader position on local land market, which our company is for some years already.

In my next vacation, I would like… to swim with sharks.

The thing that I am the most proud of is…. That I had the great inspiration to stick with our team, in difficult times.

From my daily calendar, I don’t miss… a coffee meeting with a client or partner.

I think my management style is defined by… being spontaneous and improvisation, together with Crosspoint Real Estate organizational culture.

The lesson that I have learned in my career until now is… that preconceived ideas costs too much. With time as I accumulated experience I become able to predict some business processes, so now I can identify from first five minutes a potential client or deal. So, in many situations I was right, but in those moments when I was wrong, I risked too much.

My first manager said… a healthy mindset is the first thing that we need in order to achieve what we want in our activities.

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