We have a wide range of available units for sale or lease and an experienced team ready to assist with all the commercial property matters.

We advise a wide range of clients on property acquisition, occupation and ownership strategies, asset management, regeneration, planning, development and building consultancy, stock condition, disposal and management.

Our professionals have the experience and acumen to meet your industrial business needs for warehousing, distribution, manufacturing and other functionally specialized uses of industrial space across Romania, given the continuous growth of e-commerce globally and demand for same day delivery.

All phases of negotiation are conducted using real-time local, regional, and national data supplied through our database. Emerging technologies and access to supply and labour force are just a few of the issues affecting today’s complex industrial real estate decisions. Our ability to incorporate key elements such as government incentives, workforce analysis, location potential and effective exit strategies allows you to achieve full potential for your real estate assets.

Our Service Range:

  • Land Acquisition and Disposal
  • Leasing and Purchasing
  • Disposal through either Sale or Sublease
  • Location & Transportation Studies

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