Workplace Management is a field of consultancy that focuses on workplace, design and work experience, with the goal of increasing space productivity by introducing new concepts, taking into account the interactivity at work and its purpose.

Why Workplace Consultancy?

  • Increases productivity at the workspace by efficient space-planning
  • Enhances flexibility of the workspace through innovative design that supports future growth and collaboration between teams
  • Reduces operating costs and improves sustainability measures
  • Improves employee wellbeing, performance and morale by using integrated solutions
  • Increases employee engagement and talent attraction
  • Creates a workplace reflective of company’s culture, brand and core values

Service Range

  • Analysis of the workspace
  • Analysis of the tenant’s specific and branding requirements related to working spaces, conference rooms, relaxation rooms, talking booth etc.
  • Creating the proposal for workspace design
  • Fit-out simulation using specific architecture programs for a visual understanding of the layout
  • Agreeing the final workspace design
  • Bidding for interior design suppliers
  • Oversee the implementation of the concept