If you are an individual investor, a vendor, corporate or developer and you are looking to buy, develop or simply invest in properties, platforms or portfolios, you can partner with our experienced Land Advisory Team, to determine the potential of certain projects and discover innovative ways to diversify your portfolio.

First, we identify the right site for you, through a meticulous search, after we perform the analysis of land use scenarios, negotiations, acquisition, disposal and leasing to buyers and sellers of office, retail, industrial, residential and mixed-use properties.

Additionally, you will have access to a full range of related property services and capabilities, with a proven ability to extract performance and create value: investment advisory, agency leasing as well as marketing guidance.

We keep a close relationship with vendors and active investors and we’re here to provide you with a wider understanding of the market, including pricing, trends, regulations, and development activity. The blend of experience, research and local “hunting” skills will identify for you one of the best choices in terms of land investment return.

Our services on this segment include:

  • Mapping/Land Scouting
  • Market Analysis
  • Site Selection
  • Best Use Analysis
  • Financing Options
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Planning
  • Permitting

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