Crosspoint was awarded, on 24th September, at the International Property Awards gala, in London, with the Highly Commended Real Estate Agency Award and the Highly Commended Property Consultancy Award.
Crosspoint competed for these two awards with a number of companies in our country.

“The fact that we were winners at an European gala honors us very much. These awards encourage us and drive us to continue and meet our clients’ needs with the most professional and high quality services. Each individual of our team deserves to be congratulated for their efforts, since this merit derives from a team effort. We are proud that, together, we achieved a performance that crosses the borders of our country and confirms the quality of our services. We hope the fact that Crosspoint has been awarded raises the bar in terms of performance for the sector in which we operate, in order to redefine the business’ standards. Europe is on track, as confirmed by the European Central Bank, so we have every reason to continue the upward trend. For the next year, we highly hope to be back on the International Property Awards list and live up to all expectations”, said Mihai Dumitrescu, managing partner at Crosspoint.

“It was an honor to meet the most successful estate agents and property consultants from all over Europe. These agents are assisting clients in making intelligent property investments, helping homeowners to make a move to greener pastures, and even fulfilling many dreams of first-time home ownership”, said Stuart Shield, president of the International Property Awards.

The International Property Awards are given for best achievements in real estate, and targets companies all over the world.


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