What matters most to employees in urban business hubs?

Bucharest, 2 December 2019. Work as we once knew it is evolving everywhere around the world. As big cities are becoming more and more crowded, the perfect place for all employees becomes more difficult to find. Generations Y and Z value their personal life more than the previous generations. In order to see how much Romania is following the global trends, Crosspoint Real Estate has released the “WORK: SPACE & TIME” report based on a survey, which depicts what matters most to the people working in the country’s main urban business hubs, in terms of the space they work in and what could be improved in their everyday professional life.

The most important features of the workplace for Romanian employees are the comfort of the working space, air and light quality, temperature and noise levels while the least important seems to be the interior design, similar to all European employees. Open plan offices are still the most popular type of office space in Romania, in line with European trends, representing more than 50% of the spaces. The ideal space for them is a mix between collaborative workspaces and private offices.

Almost half of employees consider they don’t have the access to the technology needed to work more flexibly nor are they encouraged to do so by their organizations. Developers and owners of office buildings need to come up with innovative spaces or improve the existing ones, get more involved in the tenants’ wellbeing and create communities within their buildings.

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