On May 13th, 2008, the representatives of Crosspoint participated to the International Real Estate Exhibition that took place in Warsaw, Poland.

The event stood as a gathering point for the international real estate companies, investment funds and many real estate related companies.

The event included meetings, seminars and round tables among the participants. Points of interest for the real estate sector such as: the tendency of the real estate market for the East and Central Europe, the development of residential, office and industrial projects in different areas, models of urban development and extension of the great developers on different european markets, were brought to discussion on this ocassion
For the Crosspoint Real Estate division the event was a real opportunity to get in contact with real estate companies from different european countries and with potential investors who manifested a great interest for investing in Romania’s real estate market.

Crosspoint Finance is a newly founded private Romanian company, that besides developing real estate projects, enriches yearly the portfolio of services with new approaches.
Crosspoint Investment Banking became a distinct division of Crosspoint, the department managing funds around 12 million euros in project financing.