According to Ovidiu Chiorean, Investment Banking Partner at Crosspoint consultancy company, the Romanian M&A (mergers and acquisitions) market has marked 135 million EUR worth transactions, in the first five months of the year. The number is almost half the level of 340 million EUR, which was registered in the same period in 2012.

This year’s biggest acquisitions are the Romgaz IPO, the Nuclearelectrica IPO, Blue Air having bought Airline Management Solutions, 93,27% of ATE Bank Romania having been purchased by Dorinel Umbrarescu from Piraeus Bank; and Ines Group having bought Digisign.
“Nuclearelectrica’s initial public offer has attracted the minimum capital established in the share prospectus. This reflects the fact that there was a reduced interest in this company. As far as Romgaz’s IPO is concerned, estimations are optimists”, said Chiorean.

The Crosspoint specialist has also mentioned this year’s transactions whose values were not announced.

As of 2009, foreign direct investments (FDI) in Romania have fallen drastically, in 2012 barely reaching 22% of the level registered in 2008. This tendency is a result of the global economic context, according to the Crosspoint official.
In 2012, the major change in FDI was due to the fact there were offered more bank loans than there were capital increases, explained Chiorean. Last year, the main investors in Romania, according to the FDI balance, were the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and France.

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