Bucharest, 12 September2019.  IMMOFINANZ, one of the three most important players on the Romanian real estate market, announces the signing of the lease agreement with Rohde&Schwarz Topex for their new headquarters. The company, specialized in designing and supplying of telecommunication equipment has leased 8,000 sqm in the new myhive IRIDE nineteen that will accommodate both the Production and Systems Integrating area on the ground and first floors and the offices on the second and third floors. The transaction was assisted by Crosspoint Real Estate.

Located in northern Bucharest, on Dimitrie Pompeiu street, myhive IRIDE nineteen is part of IRIDE, the business park that belongs to IMMOFINANZ. The office building is currently under a significant refurbishment process meant to convert it into a modern one in order to satisfy the various needs of the nowadays’ tenants that range from sustainability to easy access to diverse facilities and services.

Rohde&Schwarz Topex counted on the flexibility of the new office space taking into account that the production area imposed certain technical requirements such as a wide surface on the ground floor or separate access and special elevator. Starting with spring 2020, Rohde&Schwarz Topex will occupy a full section of the building thus consolidating the headquarters of the company by bringing under the same roof the Production and Communication Systems Integration as well as the Reasearch&Development Departments and the offices.

The transaction was successfully completed by Florina Grosu, Senior Account Manager in the Crosspoint Real Estate office department, with over 20 years of experience in sales and corporate relations. The complexity of the entire relocation and consolidation process was one of the most interesting challenges for Crosspoint Real Estate. Choosing the optimal solution for Rohde&Schwarz Topex required a detailed understanding of the operational flow and the subdivisions of each activity, and the selection of the location came from the simultaneous fulfillment of a series of special requirements, from the technical ones to the location in the northern area of the capital, as close to the airport. As regards to the leasing activity in the first semester or 2019, the IT&C industry keeps on being the most active with 42%, followed by the Financial sector with 15%. The significant number of new deliveries in the office market is reflected in the fact that 36% of the leases in H1 2019 have been relocations.As the tenants search for the newest and best spaces, the owners of existing buildings will adapt their properties to keep up with the increasingly dynamic market, and Immofinanz is the best example in this regard.

“The sustained pace of development of the last years, as well as the great growth prospects of the following years, has given us the satisfaction to consolidate the future operational activity of the company in a single location, which will provide generous surfaces for all the departments of the company. We will set up a Production area equipped with high technology equipment and our clients will be able to test future projects in the dedicated space for Systems Integration. All the departments of the company will benefit from a friendly working environment and I would like to mention that I was pleasantly impressed both by the professionalism of  Crosspoint agency, during the market research period, and by the openness of Immofinanz regarding satisfying all our requirements’’ adds Mr. Gabriel Ionescu – CEO Rohde&Schwartz Topex.

“It is always a challenge for us to accommodate the requests of our tenants, especially when this involves technical requirements. Besides, we are continuously connected to the market trends and adapt our offer to the ever changing needs of our customers based on fact that we are most concerned about the wellbeing of our tenants. With Rohde&Schwarz Topex the timing was perfect as our office building is currently being refurbished, thus giving us the possibility to accommodate all the requests and integrate them under our modern office concept for buildings: myhive”, states Fulga Dinu, Country Manager Operations Romania, Immofinanz.