Even though they want to make their businesses more profitable, the fear of delegating and sharing responsibilities makes the Romanian entrepreneurs more prone to disaster. Many do not trust their employees nor their partners, and they believe that a business grows working on their own.

According to Ovidiu Chiorean, manager and financial advisory specialist at Crosspoint, our local investors are in a lack of capital. Ovidiu Chiorean believes that the Romanian entrepreneur’s main mistake is that he thinks he is the only one who knows everything.
“The Romanian entrepreneur in his development is limited by his own capital limits, work frame, intelligence, experience and skills”, said Ovidiu Chiorean during the interview.
In order to live longer, Romanian SMEs should redirect their attention towards their customers and use the feedback they offer.

Ovidiu Chiorean believes that the closest tax system that could very well apply to our local corporations is the Bulgarian one. Moreover, he said that our fiscal system’s main problem is the health insurance fee taken from salaries, and that the biggest advantage, on the other hand, is the flat tax.

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