„We expect increased office lease activity in the West submarket of Bucharest (Orhideea area) in the following period, from large players as well as from the SMEs. Under increasing competitiveness in the area, we expect landlords to provide competitive lease conditions for SMEs to step to bigger and more representative office spaces”, stated Codrin Matei, Managing Partner /  Head of Office & Capital Markets, Crosspoint, for ZIARUL FINANCIAR.

A consistent activity has been registering in the market, both in terms of office lease or acquisition for company headquarters, for office spaces up  to 2.000 sqm, from local and foreign SMEs. This comes as a result of the improved macro economical environment and the natural need for growth of the companies, Codrin Matei states. Companies start migrating from villas to office buildings, taking into consideration factors such as net usable surfaces or professional management services provided by the office buildings landlords.

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